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About Us

My name is Mike. I'm the administrator, tech support guy, and template/themes designer for this website. Our goal is to design beautiful web products that can be easily edited by our customers. Every one of our customers is given a free support no matter if it's about template installation, fixing bugs or different template modifications. We support you to have good website without any problem. All of the templates/themes on this site have been designed by us, except for the template you see now, which was designed by the folks at RocketTheme

About the Site

We are WebKomp Team - Specializing in Joomla/WordPress web design and template/theme development. The main goal of the website is to provide high quality templates and themes to the general public. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, ease of use for the user is also a top priority. We build premium Joomla and WordPress themes, based on the most powerful frameworks: "_s" by Automattic, Twitter Bootstrap, UIkit. All templates/themes come with quickstart packages for an easy installation. Every one of our projects is designed with love and care. If you have any suggestions for improving the site, the templates, or if you would like to contribute in some way, please let me know.


Why Choose WebKomp?

With all the Joomla Templates and WordPress Theme providers out there, why choose us?  Here are many reasons why a WebKomp template/theme would be a good fit for your website:

  • 47+ Templates and Themes
  • We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Nice Designs - We take pride in our work and we always looking ways to improve the next template release.
  • Affordable - Our prices are low.
  • Free Support - Need help? Just contact us
  • No Backlink Required - You can shut it off in the template's admin panel.
  • Nice Framework - WebKomp templates are powered by Warp7, Helix, T4, Gantry5 intuitive, wonderful  fast, lightweight, and feature-packed frameworks.
  • Easy to Customize - The admin panel provides many useful options that can be easily tweaked from the backend, easily, change fonts, colors, presets and more.
  • Our templates are based on the open Warp 7 , Helix, T4 and Gantry 5 Framework - Refer to the official Warp documentation, T4 Framework , Helix3/Ultimate, Gantry 5, Astroid for comprehensive info about how to use and expand the frameworks.
  • Sample Data Available - Quickstart Package allow you install in few clicks theme/template, extensions/plugins and demo data, in final you get full website exactly the same like on demo.
  • Mobile Friendly - All templates on this site are now responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to any screen resolution.  
  • The Single Template/Theme(12 Months Membership) is dedicated to all customer that need only one Template/Theme for their business or private project.